Monday, August 18, 2008

Week 10 Complete!

It's official: I'm turning into the bionic turtle. I am really enjoying this training program. I know - scary. I feel pretty good; not too many aches and pains. A quick trip to the chiropractor this week to keep my shell aligned properly. I added some flashy eyeware to my running get-up. They work to keep the bugs out of my eyes. Tuesday morning the swarms were so bad, I was flapping my arms in front of me while running - trying to keep the bugs from hitting my face and neck. I'm sure that was a lovely sight. Although, now that it's staying darker longer there's not too many people out running or cycling at 5 a.m. Saturday was a huge milestone for me. I ran 15 miles - 2 hours, 40 minutes (10.6 minutes/mile). It wasn't that difficult either - that's how I know I'm turning bionic. The thought of running 15 miles 8 weeks ago made me want to throw up. My sister Jenny and I ran it together with our 11-minute pace group. We left them with 2 miles to go and hauled ass to the finish. We had to goo-up twice and it really worked to keep the body fueled. I prefer chocolate-flavored goo. My kneecaps even held up relatively well. I'm trying to practice a new visualization technique to think positively and rehearse a successful run before I start. For example, when Jenny asked me how I felt at the 8-mile mark I replied, "I feel awesome, my kneecaps feel great - they don't feel like they're about to slide down my shin bones or like there's a knife stabbing into my joints. I can't wait to run another 7 miles!!" :-))

A recap of Week 10:
  • Monday - rest day
  • Tuesday - 3 miles
  • Wednesday - 6 miles (for some reason this day is by far my toughest and slowest run of the week)
  • Thursday - 4 miles (wondering how in the world I'm going to run 15 miles in a few days)
  • Friday - rest day (carbs, carbs and more carbs)
  • Saturday - 15 miles (woo-hoo!!! I can't believe it)
  • Sunday - cross-training (throwing my niece around the swimming pool like a shot put)
This has been a great week of running and Olympics watching. I have Olympic fever and stayed up way too late every night watching coverage. My favorite event is the swimming. Something about those men's uniforms. Hmmmm. :-) Ma Barker flew in from Florida Friday for our annual Vegas vacation. It's her 60th birthday this year - Wednesday - so it will be a blowout. The mo-jo has been building for both of us all week so I think it's going to be a great trip. Don't worry; I'll be home in time for my 16-mile run next Saturday.

Have a great week everyone~ like my mom always says: You have to bet big to win big.

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ma barker said...

This Ma Barker to confirm that Turtle and I had a BLOWOUT in Vegas. It was FUN,FUN,FUN. I am very proud of Turtle and her sister Jenny training for this absurdly punishing, crazy and awesome marathon. Whatever place they finish they will be gold medal winners. Also, Turtle needs some pledges to PAWS, so get on the stick and ante up for her.
Ma Barker