Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 2 Complete!

Thursday I really had a tough time getting out of bed. I hit snooze on my alarm system for one hour. Yes, my three-pronged alarm system to get my ass out of bed failed miserably. First step, my regular alarm clock buzzes. I hit snooze. Second step, my cell phone blares a really annoying jingle. I hit snooze, which is not easy to do on a cell phone with your eyes still closed. I basically hit all the buttons on the side of the phone until it stops making that noise. Third step, Bailey gets in my face and starts licking me. Ick - that works every time. Well, I do try and yell at him to lie back down but after his third attempt in combination with buzzing and jingles for about 30 minutes I'm up. Well not Thursday. Buzzing didn't phase me, phone disarmed by the 11th snooze, dog still sleeping.

The nice thing about getting such a late start... I saw my elfin voodoo yoga master at the end of his routine. There he was amongst the trees, alongside the river, basking in the sunlight. At first I thought he was dead. Oh no what happened to my little elfin friend? Ah, nothing - he's just up to more freakiness. He was lying spreadeagle, belly-up, shirtless on his kung-foo yoga mat. Then I realized this is the end of his routine when he does some kind of freaky meditation. I didn't get to see him leave because I had to get my 3 miles in. He probably rolled up his kung-foo yoga mat, climbed up one of the trees and went back to bed.

Saturday I graduated to the 11:30-minute pace group. I left the 12-minute clod-hoppers behind. Goodbye fellow running slugs; I must leave you now. The run was pretty decent. The first mile we ran like 10:45 - what the fuck. So, after having a few words with the pace leader at the first water break, we slowed down to the pace we were supposed to be running. It wasn't so bad. Hot. But, being only 6 a.m. on a Saturday, no one is really out on the lakefront to see what a hot sweaty trani mess I turned into. Only annoying part of the run, besides that first mile, was two broads in my group talking about recipes during the middle 2 miles. I mean seriously - recipes?? Come on. They needed to die. Eventually they started talking about something else - movies I think. I felt like I was eavesdropping on a bad lesbian first date.

A recap of week 2:
  • Monday - rest day (yay!)
  • Tuesday - 3 miles
  • Wednesday - 3 miles
  • Thursday - 3 miles
  • Friday - rest day (double yay!)
  • Saturday - 7 miles
  • Sunday - cross train (I actually went to the fitness center in my building and did 45-minutes on the stationary bike and 15-minutes lifting weights. AND I went shopping later in the day so a double workout!)

My goal this week is to not let all my birthday festivities get in the way of completing my runs. That's right - the running goddess turns 34 on Thursday. Here's hoping I can control myself enough in order to get up post-celebrations and run my heart out.

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