Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Week 14 Complete!

Another week complete. Whew. I kind of veered off the training schedule but hopefully it won't negatively impact my program. All week I gimped around - still sore from the 18-miler the previous weekend - so I think the rest was much needed. I did make a trip to my favorite running store to get my new - and last - pair of running shoes. I went with a Saucony and am a little nervous because it's a different shoe than the other 2 pairs I've tried in the last 5 months. So far so good - they have a nice cushion and I haven't grown any new blisters... I took my training south to the Sunshine state to visit my biggest fans - my parental units. The Units and I went to the USF vs. Kansas football game Friday night and it was hands-down the best football game I've ever seen in person. So exciting. The Bulls won in the last 2 seconds with a 43-yard field goal by a freshman kicker in his first college game. I love college football - so much more exciting and refreshing than the NFL... The heat in Florida was suffocating so unfortunately I wasn't able to do my semi-long run on Saturday. Just way too hot outside to run. So, after a nice weekend break it's back to the grind in Chicago.

A review of the last week:
Monday - rest day (still sore, sore, sore!!)
Tuesday - 5 miles
Wednesday - 8 miles
Thursday - xx (couldn't get myself to do it - traveled to Florida)
Friday - 6 miles (on a treadmill at my Dad's gym)
Saturday - xx (skipped the 14-miler. Finally feeling like my legs are back to normal)
Sunday - cross training (airport - does that count??)

I received a donation for PAWS from a fan at work - thank you Kamilah! I'm halfway to my fundraising goal so I'm hoping in these last 3 weeks I can raise another $300 to make it! Thanks to everyone who have supported the cause. The dogs need us!

Have a great week everyone... I have the BIG 20-miler this Sunday. I'm pretty confident Jenny and I will do it.... I just hope I can walk afterward. :-))

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