Friday, July 11, 2008

Icy Hot

I wish I could say this week has been uneventful but ahhhh - it was bound to happen. My first injury. I was plodding along on Thursday putting in my 3 miles when my left inner thigh started feeling weird. About a mile into it, I had to stop and walk. Apparently I pulled a muscle or tendon or something in my groin. I don't know if girls have groins but I always see this happen on televised sports - he pulled his groin muscle, so I'm going with groin. I think the dick shorts the last few weeks did me in. So, I walked it off for a while and jogged the rest of the way in. I stretched the hell out of my leg when I got back - Bailey hardly tried to hump me at all so I think he knew something was up. After my shower, I got a brilliant idea. Icy Hot - I've never used it but have had it in my bin of medical supplies for like 4 years. It's a cream/lotion that you put on strained or sore muscles. I thought - genius! So I generously lathered it on my left inner thigh and thought wow - this feels pretty good. It was an intense cold feeling... followed by extreme heat. Holy shit. My leg and everything else in that region suddenly became on fire. I have never experienced such pain in my life. I had tears. I was hopping around my apartment with my legs spread apart like a frog fanning myself trying to cool it off. At one point I put an actual fan directly on the area to try and combat the heat. Bailey just sat there looking at me probably thinking are we gonna hump or what? After about 30 minutes, it cooled to a point where I could at least make it to work. On the way to the bus my leg, ass and everything in between felt like it was on fire. Not to mention the nasty smell of ben-gayish cream. Lovely. I got to work and grabbed my emergency pack of frozen vegetables from the frig to use as an ice pack. So there I sat, cooling my groin with a pack of frozen corn niblets.

They don't tell you any of this shit in all the marathon books I've read and clinics I've been to. Granted some would argue that it's common sense to not apply an icy hot cream anywhere near the nether-regions. Ahhh - chalk it up to inexperience.

Wish me luck this weekend. Ten miles on Saturday. I have a feeling it's going to be painful. I'm still rather lame in my left whatever it's called. At least my crotch is no longer on fire.

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