Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 7 Complete

Whew. What a week. A week of food poisoning and NO running. No good running anyway. Turtle has struggled upon her return from Mexico. Seems she left her legs on the beach. Somehow I got through the week - only able to run one short run on Wednesday. The dreaded 12-miler on Saturday almost did me in. I was good for the first 6 miles then fell apart. I've read about the much feared "dead legs" that can strike a runner and render him or her totally useless. Well, I experienced dead legs around mile 7. I felt like I was running with 100-pound cement blocks around my ankles. Somehow I made it to about mile 9 and just had to stop and walk because it felt like my knee caps had turned into polar ice caps and were creating a new continent. I probably walked close to two miles and somehow pulled it together to lumber in the last mile.

Needless to say Saturday's run left me totally demoralized and questioning why I didn't register for a half-marathon instead of 26.2 miles!! But, a quick trip to a massage therapist Sunday for a sports massage and something called a "knee relief" and I was on my way to recovery. Natalie dug her fingers around my knee caps, breaking up the ice and glaciers, and got me moving again. She said it would be painful - and she was right - but it also helped as she promised.

My dogs are barking
Not only does my body feel like it's been pulled through a sausage grinder, but I'm a little discouraged at my lack of fundraising ability. I'm running this marathon and raising funds for P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving). I have to raise at least $600, and in exchange, the PAWS team gives me a free membership to the CARA running group - the ones responsible for my Saturday morning runs. PAWS team members also get their own port-a-potties at the race start/finish so for that alone it's worth $600. BUT, I need your help! I obviously suck at asking people for $$ because I've only raised $115 so far. That's pathetic. THANK YOU to all four of you who have donated to the cause so far... but I know we can do better. PAWS is a no-kill shelter that also offers low income families free neuter/spay services (for their pets). This picture is of one of the wild dogs living on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. She's one of the cuties I fed every night while there on vacation. PAWS saves tens of thousands of dogs' lives and places them with families every year. Here's a link to my site... give if you can. You will save a life and inspire me to keep truckin'.

Have a great week everyone! GO CUBS!

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